Assumptions: Buyers!

1. I’ll contact the listing agent because they’re already familiar with the property.

This is one of the most common mistakes Buyers make when it come to purchasing their dream home. It is not the case every time. Some times the agents have little knowledge of the property they have listed. Buyers have to do their own due diligence. 

2. I’ll save money on commissions if I work with the seller’s agent.

It is often misconception that many buyers believe to be true. You cannot save on commissions. They are already agreed upon at the time of the agreement. Any negotiations that do take place is usually on the price.

3. All real estate agents are basically the same, so I might as well contact this one. 

It is unfortunate that many believe this. It is far from reality. The agent qualifications, experience and negotiation skills are basis that you should make a decision when choosing your agent.

So Choose Wisely. Choose Sheema Kalra Team. 

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