Choosing a Realtor

Choosing a Realtor.

Mistakes made by Sellers when choosing a Realtor.

The most important key to the success when selling a home is choosing the Realtor. Mistakes that many home owners make can be avoided if you know what are they are.

Choosing a Part Time Realtor– Many Realtors get into this business believing this can be done on part time basis. It translates into how available a part time realtor is to answer your queries, afford time to give your property maximum exposure and is able to complete all the tasks required to get the job done. A lot goes into the online marketing and other forms of exposure.

Choosing a Realtor without asking for References– Always ask for testimonials and references. The best way to find out how a Realtor works and performs is through past clients of theirs.

Choosing a Realtor who is a “YES” Person– You can end up with a person who is just going to say what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. If your Realtor is always agreeing to what you are saying, he/she may not be the best choice. Having a Realtor by your side who is realistic, knows the market, offers correct advise will turn out to be more beneficial at the end.

Choosing a Friend or Family Member- One tends to take each other for granted in such relationships. Unrealistic expectations from either side can get into the way to the success of the transaction that can strain the relations.

Choosing a Realtor based on Number of Homes Sold– Number of homes sold does not say much about the service, you need to know more details. How comfortable you are with the Realtor and it can come down to how well your Realtor knows you.

Choosing a Realtor because they suggest the Highest Price & Low Commission– The price with which a property enters the market determines how long it stays on market and final sold price. Always choose a Realtor who places the property at a right price point to get the maximum return to the Seller by doing  comparative market analysis. Guess how well a Realtor will negotiate for you to get you the maximum value when a Realtor can be negotiated regarding their commissions and charges low. Choose a Realtor who is more focused on the service and the result.

Realtor plays an important role in the success of the sale of the home. Guidance and Expertise of a Top Realtor can help make the sale stress free and get you the most benefit in shortest time frame. At the end it all adds up.

If you are planning on selling a home, contact me today. Together we can succeed!

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