Home Sellers prepared for Low ball Offer Offers in 2019.

Low ball Offer in 2019!

Home Sellers! What should you do if you receive low ball offer for your property?

Low Ball Offers in 2019! Many Sellers will face lowball offers on their home. Its a strategy that purchasers will try to use this year in a buyers market. It could be because of high construction costs on fixer-uppers or motivated sellers looking for an exit on their current property. 

So, what should you do if you are a Seller when you receive this low ball offer?

1. Market Conditions:

Lets face it, It is a buyer’s market. So understand the dynamics of the market shift and do not make decisions based on emotions. See the detailed comparative market analysis from Sheema Kalra Team and take the next steps. 

2. Days on Market:

How long have been on the market with no offers. If you have seen offers lowers that your expectation, its time to rethink about the price or renegotiate the offer presented. 

3. Offer with Conditions:

It is an offer that should make you question the true intention of the Buyer. If you received a low offer, the least the buyers could have done is it make a clean unconditional offer. Let Sheema Kalra Team negotiate based only on price and remove all conditions to scale the favour on your side.

4. Do Not blame the Agent:

The Agent job was to market the property to the fullest extent. The market conditions and The Buyer dictates the price they are willing to offer. So, if the offer is low, strategize with Sheema Kalra Team. 

We want to celebrate with you and help you achieve a successful sale and the most of the property. Give Sheema Kalra Team a call to discuss your strategy for real estate selling goals in 2019. 

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