New to Canada, Buying a Home

New to Canada

Buying a Home, Feeling Excited?

This Experience can be Rewarding & Challenging at the same time.

Your Realtor listens to your needs, shows suitable homes to view and negotiates on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. Understand and consider what new to canada, newcomers and first time buyers need now and what you may want in the future before you start your search. Know the Size requirements, Special features, Lifestyle and Stage of life, Setting (city, suburban), Commuting time to work , Neighborhood, Schools, Cultural and Family and Friends. Realtors can help you with professional advise. We provide you comparable sold home prices, information of neighborhood. We have resources to arrange for inspection and mortgage financing.

What you need to get approved for Financing.

Credit and work history is important when you are trying to get approval for financing. Newcomers have to establish credit history, which is accessible to lenders. Few steps that can help are: Open a bank account and operate it regularly. Pay all bills, rent, utilities, insurance premiums etc before the due date. Apply for credit card or small loan from bank. Try to remain with the same employer for extended period of time.

We provide new to canada, newcomers and first time buyers with professional advise and can help you to get the mortgage pre-approval. To know more about the special Newcomers Program; Call us today.

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